Whiteriver - Ireland

Whiteriver Park, Co.Louth

5th-6th May 2018

£1,850 per rental team (4-10 drivers), £900 per owner driver team

Ireland 24hr Challenge

WhiteRiver Park invites you to join them for their first 24hr race and the first 24hr Karting Race in Ireland in over 15 years! This is definitely not an event to miss!

WhiteRiver Park is Ireland's newest purpose built 1.2km outdoor track and has to be seen to be believed, it includes both high speed and technical sections, huge elevation changes on either side of a steep valley and even crosses over a river twice!

The uphill main straight leads into a flat out right hander and into the first tight right turns are taken as one double apex corner before heading uphill through the next. Continuing to climb you position the kart to the right before turning in for the first left corner while crossing the brow of the hill. Turns five, six and seven are more roller-coaster than race track as the circuit starts to descend into the valley again via a tight cambered left before a sweeping left for over 180 degrees across 3 apexes. The fastest part of the circuit comes next with the long back straight leading into an off camber and flat out bend, if you have the courage to commit to your line! Speed continues to build before the kink left as you cross the river and uphill into the fast right. A short straight follows before setting yourself up for the hairpin right, the 3rd double apex on the circuit. To finish of the lap you head downhill and keep on the power through the final turn which brings you back onto the long main straight and across the finish line!

Off circuit there is a large gravel area which can be used for setting up awnings and parking with a camping area, outdoor toilets and plug points also available. Catering will be organised with food available on site for the duration of the event.The main building has 2 floors and an upstairs balcony with views of the entire track and the circuit can also be viewed along the main straight plus in viewing areas at turns 1 and 15.


All of our hire packages include:-

  • Novice Class for first time entrants.
  • Service and technical support, including all consumables and crash damage.
  • Race wear if required.
  • Live timing app for iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Full medical back-up including on-site paramedic.
  • Commemorative driver's medal and trophies.
  • Free camping.