British 24 - Middlesbrough

Teesside International circuit

2nd - 4th August 2019 [booking opens 05.08.18]

£1,750.00 per rental team (4-10 drivers) £900 per owner team

British 24hr Challenge

At 2.1km, this is the longest circuit and still the fastest; flat out all the way is the only way to go in a 24 hour sprint race!

With an average track width of 10 metres, everywhere is an overtaking opportunity. From the start line, head through the changing camber of the front 'D' chicane and down to the sweeping left hander. On to the west side of the circuit, travelling downhill toward the hairpin bump; the kart lifts all four wheels off the deck; still flat and turning in, waiting to touch back down and clear the apex before heading on to the hill section climbing right. Head left and climb all the way before cornering the hairpin at the top of the hill; then onto the back straight for another 500 meters before navigating the hairpin complex, only now lifting. Left, right, and back on the rear straight, lining up for the massive banked bend known as South Bank. Hang on for seconds before hitting the next corner; right, then line up for a sweeping left that brings you onto the dog-leg and flat out to the front straight; then over the line to start another lap.

Lap times around the International Circuit are in the low 1:20’s. Driver stints last an hour and half - this is what endurance racing is about - and it's the hardest race of the year!

Book online HERE.

It's easy to book your team in to our 24 hour races via our online booking system, simply follow the link to create one account to enter the race. BOOK HERE

The decide how you would like to to pay, if you would like to choose the Red or Blue Plan simply pay your £500 deposit and either settle your balance with in 30 days to receive our early bird Red Plan price or pay nearer to the race and pay the higher price, with the Blue Plan.

If you would like to pay via the Green Plan enter the race and drop us an email, to, and we will set up with a link to create a GoCardless plan with us and you can pay in 6 easy payment over 6 months.

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By booking you are agreeing to pay for the entry in a specified event - if you meet the payment terms we promise to provide you with a full entry in to a 24 hour kart race at a specified location - for hire packages we agree to provide you with a kart, fuel, mechanical support at no additional cost to yourself, we can also provide if required suitable racing kit.

Payment Plans

Red Plan

By entering with the Red Plan you are bound to pay £500 on booking to secure you entry, failure to pay this with in 24 hours will result in your entry being cancelled, then to pay a the balance of £1300 with in the following 30 days. Failure to make the payment with in the 30 days means that you will lose the discounted entry option and the price will revert to the full price of £2000.00 which will then be payable in full prior to the 01.07.2019.

Green Plan

By entering with the Green Plan you are agreeing to set up a Direct Debit for 6 payments of £310 per month, on the first of each month, when booking seven or more months before the date of the event. Due to the administration cost involved with this process a fee of £60 has been added to the over all entry cost.

Failure to maintain the payments via the plan will result in the cancellation of your entry. Returned Direct Debits will result in a charge of £20 being added to your entry for administration of the re-submission. The balance must be settled in full by no later than 01.07.2019 failure to settle the balance will result in cancellation of your entry.

Blue Plan

By entering with the Blue Plan you are agreeing to pay a deposit of £500 on booking and to pay the balance of £1250 before the 1st July 2019 - there is no discount given with this option.

Payment Terms

By entering a team in to a event via our online booking system you are agreeing to pay the given entry fee.

To cancel your entry at anytime you will need to contact us in writing via email to, within the first 14 days of entering you will be refunded and your entry cancelled with out consequence, thereafter the first £500, deemed to be the booking fee, is non-refundable - cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the 24 hour event will lose any money paid and will be deemed to be liable to pay the remaining full entry fee.

Payments made via the Direct Debit entry system - if installment payment is returned when called for a fee of £60 will be automatically added to your entry fee to cover the administration cost involved in asking for the payment again. If you fail to make an installment after it is called for twice the agreement will be cancelled, you will then have 5 working days to pay the remaining balance before your entry is cancelled.


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All of our hire packages include:-

  • Novice Class for first time entrants.
  • Service and technical support, including all consumables and crash damage.
  • Race wear if required.
  • Live timing app for iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Full medical back-up including on-site paramedic.
  • Commemorative driver's medal and trophies.
  • Free camping.
  • Catering facilities
Per Team

Green Plan

  • This option has finished for 2019.
Set up Direct Debit with GOcardless
Per Team

Blue Plan

  • £500 deposit on booking
  • £1250 by 01.07.19
  • No discount available
Payments via online booking system

Includes fuel for only £950 per team [transponder hire £10]

New for 2018 - Two classes for Owner driver in the British 24 hr, with 200 extremes and 160 Pro Kart classes sub classes of Pro and Clubman in both.

We will also be offering a cash prize of £1000.00 to the overall winners in the owner driver class, along side our normal trophies.

Testing will be available at the circuit on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday in the week of the race.

Control tyres are available from Howard Lucas at Lucas Racing - 07802758495 - these must be ordered and paid in advance of the race and will be given out during a tyre draw beofre the race.

How to enter

Its simple to enter with our online booking system, follow the link below and complete registration to complete an account. - please note if you have an owner driver account for the Teesside Sprint you can log in to your account then change the /ikr in the URL to /champs to see the full list of events.

Select the British 24hr OWNER event and complete your team details and pay your entry fee of £950.

All owner entries must be paid in full by the 1st July 2019.