2020 -21 Super Season

Celebrating 30 years of 24 hour karting, in 2021.

In 1991, Bob Pope and Playscape racing held the first four stroke 24 hour race at Rye House circuit in the UK and a month later they traveled to the very first Le Mans 24h at the Alain Prost circuit nestled in the heart of the famous Bugatti circuit, home to the most famous race in the world the Le Mans 24hr car race, that first year 34 hire karts raced, the next year 66 teams of owners and hires raced, hires and owners raced side by side, until 2011 when the ACO ruled that owner karts and hires could no longer race together and placed a cap on the number karts that could race, at 46.

Nearly 30 year later we are still traveling over, to Arnage, every July to race the Le Mans 24h, with 46 hire karts in this 24h sprint, it is an epic battle between some of Europe's best corporate race teams, having run over 100 24h races all over the world, the Le Mans race is the jewel in the 24h series crown.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary we are running a 24hr karting Super Season, with five 24h races over the 16 months leading up to July 2021 and our 30th year, with races taking place in France, Spain and at Teesside in the UK, these races will form two championships one for hire karts and one for owners, who will race at three of the rounds including Teesside in the UK.

Championship entry and race entry will start in September 2020, to be among the first to be offered the limited number of spaces, pre-register your interest now by clicking the pre-register tab above.

France - Le Mans - 17th -19th July 2020 - £2350 hire only

UK - Teesside - 7th-9th August 2020 -£1750 hire karts - £1000 owner entries

Spain - Campillios - 29th October - 1st November 2020 -£2500 hire entries - £1500 owners

France - Le Mans - 16-18th July 2021 - £2350 per team

Le Mans, France

This race is truly the jewel in the crown of the 24h calendar, nestled in the heart of the famous Bugatti grand prix circuit at the center of the Le Mans 24h street circuit, the home of the most Famous 24h Le Mans car race, described by Autosport Magazine as one to add to your bucket list of motorsport events.

This 24h sprint takes no prisoners as you make turn after turn of the 11 corner circuit, traditionally this race ran with both hires and owners with up to 66 karts on track, since 2013 it has been hire karts only with many owner teams choosing to race a hire rather than miss this great event.

Check out this years race via our live stream on YouTube here.

The atmosphere at the Le Mans race is the best of any paddock, with most teams opting to 'glamp' at the onsite campsite. In the trackside pit garages, the party atmosphere fills the air, alongside the smell of BBQs, before getting down to the serious business of the racing.

Our Biz 200cc twins are as equal as possible and to further level the field, a minimum weight rule of 235kg for kart and driver is in place.

Teesside, UK

With owner and hire karts racing together ont his 2.1km circuit every lap is different, keep your wits about you, reaching speeds of 100kph during the 1m20s laptime, in 2019 the karts were fastest than ever covering a distance of 1143 laps that's over 2000 miles.

With an average track width of 10 metres, everywhere is an overtaking opportunity. From the start line, head through the changing camber of the front 'D' chicane and down to the sweeping left hander. On to the west side of the circuit, travelling downhill toward the hairpin bump; the kart lifts all four wheels off the deck; still flat and turning in, waiting to touch back down and clear the apex before heading on to the hill section climbing right. Head left and climb all the way before cornering the hairpin at the top of the hill; then onto the back straight for another 500 meters before navigating the hairpin complex, only now lifting. Left, right, and back on the rear straight, lining up for the massive banked bend known as South Bank. Hang on for seconds before hitting the next corner; right, then line up for a sweeping left that brings you onto the dog-leg and flat out to the front straight; then over the line to start another lap.

Every inch of the Middlesbrough site becomes paddock with over 80 teams camping from as early as Tuesday, awnings, gazebos and tents line the banking around the banked south bank bend and along the front straight.

Check out 2019's race with our 24h live stream on YouTube here.

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